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Jeff Wickham

​Archery Instructor and Technician

     I was raised in southern Michigan where my father taught me how to shoot firearms and took me deer hunting every year. I was introduced into the world of archery in 1996 by a co-worker and I have been hooked ever since. My first compound bow was a used Bear Whitetail hunter that I bought for $50.00. It was a long axle to axle bow and it weighed a thousand pounds (not really but you understand). Since then, I have had owned numerous compound bows as well as a crossbow.

     I worked at my first archery pro shop job in Duluth, Minnesota in 2004. Over the years I have expanded my knowledge of compound bow mechanics. To further my knowledge, I have attended a shooting and technical school at the PSE headquarters in Tucson, Arizona and the Chapman Archery Technical School in Hilton, New York. At the PSE school, I received some phenomenal training from three time national coach of the year, PSE's Master Coach, Alexander Kirillov. I am currently certified as a bow technician and shooting instructor. I continually attend classes to stay knowledgeable on the most current technologies. 

​     I created Zero Degree Archery because I wanted to bring a unique archery experience to the southwest metro area. I am currently operating a full service pro shop in Jordan, Minnesota and I am able to teach lessons and give personal shooting instruction to both beginning and experienced archers alike. It is my goal that all those who visit with me will have such a great experience that they will tell their friends, family, and fellow archers about Zero Degree Archery. Thanks for visiting my website and have a great day.